Why Personal Time is Important for Married Couples

a couple holding handsToo often, married couples find it difficult to spend quality time together because of many obligations. The demands of work and family life sometimes leave them with no time, energy, or money to go out for dinner; much more a weekend getaway. What most couples don’t realize is that not having a “date night” can cause communication to break down and drive them apart.

River of Love Cabins in Oklahoma is an example of destinations couples can go to when they need to spend quality time together. It allows them to disconnect from the stresses and demands of everyday life and focus on renewing or strengthening their relationship.

Having Fun Together

Family vacations are about parents spending time with their children. However, couples still need personal time away from their kids every so often. Date nights are ideally done every month, but if budget and scheduling constraints don’t allow it, a once a year vacation during the couple’s anniversary will do.

The couple can drive out of town, spend the weekend at a resort, or a lovely cabin in the woods. The idea is to enjoy privacy and be able to talk as a couple. This is not a weekend to catch up on paperwork at the office or to squeeze in a golf tournament. The more private and secluded the place, the better.

Strengthening Commitment

A lot of married couples stay together longer when they renew their commitment to their relationship and each other. Relationship experts say it ’s also about the spirit that the couples bring into the activity or moment they share that makes it special. Being present is not a guarantee that the time away from the kids or the office will work its magic. The couples themselves should be willing to talk, share activities together, and have fun like they used to before they started a family.

Grand gestures like a romantic cabin in the woods or champagne while soaking at a hot tub can be fun for couples every once in a while. It’s a chance to re-charge spent batteries and remind them how much they love and respect each other.

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