What happens after dental implant surgery?

Man being checked by a dentistWhen facing surgery for dental implants in Richmond, it’s understandable for all the attention to be focused on the upcoming procedure. The patient needs information on what to do and not to do beforehand, how long it will take and about any sensations they will experience.

While good preparation is vital, excellent aftercare is also important. What a patient does in the hours, days and weeks following implant surgery is just as crucial as what they do leading up to it. Any dental practice with a long track record of fitting dental implants in Richmond, such as Sheen Dental Implants, will be able to advise on a good rehabilitation and maintenance schedule.

Minutes and hours

The first step is to make sure there is someone there to help the patient get home. Implant surgery requires local anaesthetic. This can cause some people to feel numb, light-headed or even sometimes drowsy. Even if they aren’t affected this way, 90 minutes or more in the dentist’s chair is a long time, and either navigating public transport or the vagaries of the road after that isn’t ideal. Nervous patients may also opt for conscious sedation, which can cause memory loss and sleepiness, so they will definitely need help getting home.

Hours and days

Implant patients are advised to do nothing immediately afterwards and take a few days off work. Everyone is different in this respect, but it is recommended that the patient rests for at least the day after. The implant site needs to heal so soft foods will dominate the menu for a while. Patients could prepare some juices and smoothies before surgery to make life a little easier in the recovery period.

Days and weeks

It takes several weeks for osseointegration to complete. This is where the implant bonds with the jawbone. During this time, the patient needs to take great care of the implant site by not biting down hard on it. They also need to visit their implant dentist to check everything is healing well.

Weeks, months and years

With proper maintenance, dental implants in Richmond can last several decades. Twice-daily brushing and flossing and bi-annual trips to the dentist and hygienist will keep them in top condition.

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