Welcome Summer with an Exciting Trip to Augusta

Summer in AustraliaSummers in Australia can be brutal. The temperature in Brisbane this year peaked to 38°C, one of the highest it’s ever been over the last 15 years! With this kind of heat, you can try to bear it or beat it by taking an exciting trip to Augusta.

Augusta in Margaret River has been one of the sought-after summer holiday destinations in Western Australia for decades. Tourists fancy its cool weather, quaint accommodations and beautiful sceneries.

When in Augusta, enjoy the following activities:

Watch the whales

Wave to the whales as they pass through Augusta waters. During migration, the different species, including the rare minke whales, travel in pods. Book a chartered tour to get a closer look of these magnificent marine creatures. Meet new people, and enjoy refreshments while watching whales in WA.

Reach the top of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Although lighthouses are common in Australia, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is special. The historic limestone structure gives its visitors a fantastic sweeping view of where the two oceans — Indian and Southern — meet. It’s romantic, lovely and accessible.

Explore the Jewel Cave

It’s called the Jewel Cave for a reason. The cave features one of the longest display of straw stalactites in the world! It also offers its visitors an amazing one-hour adventure à la Indiana Jones. Explore three immense chambers; walk through narrow tunnels and winding passages, and see various natural formations. End the trip with a look at one of the oldest fossils of the extinct Tasmanian tiger.

Camp at Scott National Park

Fifteen kilometres northeast of Augusta is the Scott National Park, where you can camp and enjoy water activities, such as canoeing and kayaking. The chance to see rare species of flora makes the trip worth it, too.

Forget about the heat. Spend cool summer days in Augusta. And experience its memorable attractions.

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