Understanding Your Website’s Traffic: Different Approaches to Google Analytics

screen image of Google AnalyticsBy now, you are probably aware of Google Analytics. If not, here’s a little insight regarding it. Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that allows you to trace and assess your website’s traffic. Google released this last November 2005 and is now the most famous and broadly used web analytics tool online.

If you want to strengthen and form your marketing tactic, as well as improve your approach to SEO in Connecticut, then feel free to use this tool. Here are different ways to use it to better engage and understand the visitors of your website:

Crunch those Numbers

With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to determine the accurate number of users visiting your site for the first time, as well as those who return. Obviously, if you have interesting content that has been optimized for SEO, users will keep coming back for more after the initial visit. Check the ‘Frequency and Recency’ tab under the ‘Behavior’ section on Google Analytics to see who visited your website frequently over a definite period.

You can even find out which of the pages they recurrently visit. This lets you provide readers with content that they actually like and revise other less visited pages to suit the needs of your visitors.

Analyze the Engagement Rate

By using this feature of Google Analytics, you’ll know how long users stay on your website. It will also reveal the particular content that was able to hold their attention. Do remember that Google only measures engagement if the user moves from one page to the next.

Referring to your engagement levels is crucial, as it allows you to find out if you have engaging content. It will also let you know if you should spend more time creating more quality content that they would love.

There are several approaches wherein Google Analytics can help you offer more value and better content to your target audience. It can even boost the overall performance of your site.

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