Types of SEO Boosting Links

SEO concept shotSearch engine optimization is essential for all websites. To enhance the efficiency of your SEO efforts, link building is crucial. This is the process which helps to get external pages link to your web pages.

Link building boosts your website’s SEO ranking thus increasing your site’s visibility on search engines. Getting a Denver SEO expert to handle your link building strategies is the best way to navigate link building. The expert will also advise you on the best and most efficient tactics for link building. Here are some types of links that will boost your SEO ranking.

Traffic Generating Links

These links do not necessarily boost your keyword or page ranking. Traffic generating links expose our site to pages with high traffic for your webpage to get referral links. Traffic generating links include social mentions, blog comments, forum posts, banner ads and text links. The efficiency in traffic generating links lies in finding websites which have a good quantity of visitors interested in what your site offers.

PageRank Boosting Links

PageRank refers to an algorithm which Google uses in ranking websites in search engine results. Linking your page to one with a high rank on PageRank raises your rank as well. You can link your site to top ranking PageRank sites through link requests, blog comments and directory submissions among other strategies.

Reputation Building Links

SEO can also be used for reputation management. These links are attached to your company name or name as their anchor. Reputation building links are not only built to your main site but also to your social profiles, blogs, and other affiliations. With a good reputation, you can be assured of increased web traffic.

One of the critical things in link building is to make the process appear as natural as possible to avoid penalties. Varying your anchor texts, strategies and methods of link building are hence essential. This will ensure you get optimum results without getting any penalties.

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