Why seek the services of solicitors in Portsmouth?

a lawyer consultationAccording to a survey by the Legal Services Board and Law Society only 35% of people with a legal issue seek formal advice. Not seeking formal advice can result in unnecessary stress and financial consequences, as well as an unfair outcome. Taking advantage of the services of solicitors in Portsmouth, such as Andrew & Andrew, is therefore well worth considering. Here’s why:

Knowledge and professionalism

All solicitors in the UK have to undergo extensive training. They must either complete a qualifying law degree followed by the Legal Practice Course (LPC), or complete a non-law degree after which they must sit the Common Professional Examination (CPE) or Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) conversion course, followed by the LPC. This process involves thorough testing of their legal knowledge and understanding. Once qualified all UK solicitors must adhere to the professional code of conduct set out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).


All UK solicitors must be insured in the event that something goes wrong. Having professional indemnity insurance is a requirement for renewal of their practising certificate and must cover the entire time they are practising as a solicitor. Regulators will check up on this.


Through the sheer number of legal cases that take place, the cumulative experience of a solicitor means that they see similar cases day in day out. This experience is invaluable in ensuring clients receive the best possible outcome.


The SRA checks that solicitors in the UK act professionally, ethically and in the best interests of their clients and the public interest.

Clear complaints pathway

Clients who have a complaint about their solicitor that they do not believe has been adequately resolved within eight weeks of informing their solicitor have a clear course of action that they can take. Official complaints can be made through the Legal Ombudsman service deals with issues around poor service. For example, clients not being kept properly informed about the status of their legal matter.

Individuals are always free to represent themselves in legal matters, however the complexity of the law can often mean certain nuances are missed. Solicitors in Portsmouth and across the UK are trained to pay attention to all of the details so that their clients don’t have to.

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