Privacy Policy

Your personal privacy and security is important to us; that’s why we create this notice. It aims to inform you about our practices when it comes to collecting, processing, and using your personal information. We make this privacy policy available on our homepage for your quick reference. Read this statement carefully to fully understand its content.

How We Gather and Use Your Personal Information

Digest Report may collect information by obtaining the IP address of the computer used to access our website.We will get your personal details only if you choose to provide it voluntarily.This may be in the form of a newsletter subscription or any offering that will ask for your approval before collecting any information, such as your name, address, and contact details. We also gather important browsing details, such as:

–          The date and time of access

–          The amount of time spent on our site

–          The browser used to access our site

We use the information to improve our website, monitor trends and customer behavior, and gather data for product or service improvement.

Links to Third Party Sites

To serve you better, Digest Report has provided useful links to third party sites. You can use them as your reference in finding additional information. Keep in mind that these sites have their own privacy policies, and we are not responsible for their actions. We do not share your personal details with any other organization to protect your privacy.

Updates Made to This Policy

We may change or update this privacy policy anytime without prior notice. We recommend visiting our site regularly to learn about the current improvements we make on this statement. Complete our contact form if you have questions about our privacy policy or if you want to change any of your personal information.