Part-Time Degree in Singapore: Know How to Make the Cut

Taking a Part-Time DegreePerhaps you have heard of the term part-time course. It is the program students take when they are unable to take a full-time study, isn't it? Yes, it is. It is for working adults that want to further their skills and knowledge through their chosen diploma. And due to employment schedule, they have to take part-time. 

Relevant work experience, alongside with academic qualifications, thus make the main requirements for a part-time degree in Singapore.

Entrance Requirements

In Singapore, interested applicants must meet certain academic requirements to qualify. It could be a minimum of 3 GCE "O" Levels, Nitec with GPA ≥ 3.5, and relevant WSQ Diploma. 

Each has equivalent work experience. For instance, an applicant whose GPA for Nitec is ≥ 3.5 must have two years of relevant experience. A higher GPA means reduced work experience to one year. Nitec in technology services and relevant work experience may also be a requirement. 

Entrance Test

When an applicant does not meet the minimum entry requirements, the school may consider giving an entrance test. It is solely at the discretion of the school and comes with a fee, which is GST inclusive. The tests cover major subjects such as English, math, and science. 

The government of Singapore also has a similar program for those that do not meet standard university requirements.


Each course has different assessment methods. Written examinations, assignments, practical tests, and presentations are an example. While adult learners must achieve a minimum of 50% attendance, their presence in the last two is crucial. They need to show up during practical sessions and presentations.

Only learners that pass all the subjects in their current level can move to the next module. Those who have failed have to repeat it, especially that there is no makeup exam for it. To earn a diploma, learners have to complete the number of modules required. 

In this setup, learners get the pace they need to complete a diploma and "boost their CV without leaving their job."

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