Most Common Reasons behind Home Insurance Claims

Insurance ClaimsSeveral things can go wrong inside your home, and it is quite challenging to know when they are going to strike. This is why experts at Gulf Harbor Insurance aim to provide insurance options and find a policy that will best meet every homeowner’s needs. So here are a few of the most common reasons you need a home insurance claim:

Exterior Wind Damage

Exterior wind damage is one of the primary reasons behind several insurance claims. Both the northeast and southern states are at high risk for wind-related damages, which often refer to hurricanes or strong winter storms tearing most shingles off a roof. You might want to check your roof and remove any loose shingles or tiles that can be carried away by winds.

Non-weather Related Damage

Although homeowners cannot do much to completely stop rain and wind damage, water damage resulting from non-weather related events is still one of the most common reasons for an insurance claim. At least 19% of home insurance claims since 2009 were non-weather-related damage. To avoid it from happening, you can install an alarm and a water sensor near electrical appliances so that you will get a warning.

Weather-Related Water Damage

Certain weather conditions such as rain and snow can heavily damage your home at one point or another. So you might want to remove it to prevent it from piling up. Keep in mind that melted snow can cause flooding, so removing it before it gets worse should be your top priority.

Accidents and disasters can happen anytime. To prevent any financial loss, the best way to go is to choose the right home insurance.

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