Keeping teeth straightening a secret

Row of Dental ImplantsIt’s easy to keep greying hair a secret, whip out the hair dye and don’t tell a soul. Same goes for the occasional Botox treatment to smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles. But what about teeth straightening? Surely there is no way to keep braces a secret when they are so clearly on display for all to see. Except of course there is today with almost-invisible braces in Barnsley.

Invisalign braces in Barnsley, available at many accredited providers, including PDC Dental, are the best way for patients to keep their teeth-straightening treatment a secret from everyone but their dentist.

The science behind Invisalign

Dental technology has advanced to the point where braces in Barnsley don’t need to be made of metal anymore. Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic aligners, similar to mouth guards only a whole lot thinner at just 0.3mm. Pressure points are built into the aligners and are designed to push the teeth into straighter positions. When a patient feels the pressure of their aligners wear off, it’s time to move onto the next set of aligners. Each aligner is worn for about 7-10 days. Total treatment time averages around 12 months.

The benefits of Invisalign

Unlike traditional fixed metal braces in Barnsley, Invisalign clear aligners are removable. Patients pop them out to eat, drink, brush and floss, which means minimal impact on their lifestyle. Their clear design means no embarrassing moments when smiling for a photo, socialising with friends, or interacting with colleagues at work.


Invisalign is designed to work for adult patients wanting to straighten out mild-to-moderate misalignments. More severe cases are generally not suitable for treatment with Invisalign; these patients will usually need a fixed appliance but today that does not have to mean sporting the train track look.

Aside from the extent of crowding, rotation, protrusion or spacing of the teeth, there is one other important factor that is a key determinant in whether a patient is suitable for Invisalign: discipline. Patients will need to commit to wearing the aligners for at least 20-22 hours a day, every day, in order to ensure treatment runs to schedule.

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