Going Hand in Hand: How SEO Actually Promotes Good Content

SEOIt’s easy for pessimists to point out the many ways bad SEO injures the quality of content. For some, it takes away their artistic license and forces them to insert awkward keyword phrases into otherwise insightful and poetic content.

Almost every day, you will see articles saying that SEO and content are not very merry—but those articles are not quite accurate. For the sake of positivity, doing good, legitimate SEO—the kind that knows Google’s ultimate goal of promoting high quality content, instead of the other type of SEO—will actually help improve your content.

If you’re curious, here’s how:

SEO Promotes Keyword Research

It’s easy to think you know best, that you know what a person wants or even know what your target audience is all about. With the help of SEO and experts like PRCaffeine.com, you actually get to find out these things and use them to improve your content.

Some say keywords cloud content and force businesses to clutter their pages with terms that do nothing but confuse. Actually, it does the opposite. It ensures that you are using the right words in your content—the words your audience uses to search for information. After all, that’s the point of it all.

SEO Generates Good Ideas

It’s difficult to know what to write about all the time. Fortunately, SEO serves as the ultimate idea generator. You can use SEO insights from analytics to come up with new topics for blog posts or your infographics, and finally get your creative juices flowing. Thanks to SEO, you now have a way to solve the “What am I going to write about?” problem that doesn’t involve nicotine, alcohol, or spending hours staring at a blank cursor.

SEO Will Get Your Content Found

Your content becomes difficult to find without SEO. The practice should be a content writer’s best friend, simply because all it really aims to do is allow your target audience to reach your content. Without it, everyone would be writing in the dark, hoping someone would stumble upon your words.

SEO doesn’t affect your content in a negative way—it actually helps improve it. It makes your content smarter, gets it found, and allows you to connect with the right people. Without SEO, your content might look pretty, but it wouldn’t actually do anything.

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