Family Getaway Ideas: Four Summer Destinations You Should Not Miss

couple relaxing on the beachThere are a few more weeks to go before the season gradually turns into fall. You still have a lot of time to enjoy the rewards of summer before the temperature slides. If you have not taken a major trip yet, here are some destinations you might want to consider for your family vacation.


Many travelers go to Israel for a pilgrimage, but there is more to the country than its religious sites. The country also boasts of cultural sites. You may book land tours through sites such as Cruise Lady, which cover Israel, Jordan, Egypt and other destinations. Check out the Baha’i Gardens, Western Wall, and Magdala. Check out the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea up close. Visit the museums and historical sites as well.


While the temperature in the Middle East may be a bit high for your taste, the place is still worth visiting. The US is the top 10th tourist market for Dubai, according to the Department of Tourism. The country is known as a major shopping destination of the world. It holds Summer Surprises starting in June, which includes a lot of discounted items and store sales.


If you want to go on a Europe tour but don’t want to spend too much, Berlin in Germany is a good choice among the capital cities of the region. According to Hoppa’s annual list of the most expensive and cheapest holiday destinations in the world, based on average cost per person per night, Berlin is ranked 48th of 100. The city celebrates the Berliner Bierfestival every August, a pre-Oktoberfest treat. You can also fancy a nice swim in the lakes, as the water is wonderfully warm throughout the summer.


If you don’t want to venture too far overseas, how about exploring the Carribean vibe that Central America offers? Belize’s Carribean shores, coral reefs, and Mayan ruins are worth exploring. Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize, is the top choice of most tourists. Enjoy the sunset, the island, and the laid-back feel of the place.

Don’t let the summer go by without visiting these places. You’ll find them perfect for your family getaway. You still have a couple of months. Book a flight or a cruise now.

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