Does Your Digital Advertising Strategy Need More PPC?

a close-up look at a screen showing the logo of Google AdWordsMany small and medium-sized businesses have turned to digital strategies to boost brand awareness because these can be cheaper than traditional methods.

Some popular online marketing strategies include search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). Both of them offer help build and promote your brand’s image among your target clients. Read on to learn why you need SEO and PPC for your business in Denver.


PPC requires you to spend on advertising space for certain target keywords, which appear on results pages of search engines, such as Google. SEO involves making your website rank high, preferably on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) based on natural or organic searches.

Is your company relatively new? If so, then PPC is a quick solution to start building your brand. But be careful to invest in the right keywords because it can be costly to focus on those with a tight competition. On the other hand, launching SEO campaigns will require you to be patient in achieving results. The city where you intend to hire PPC or SEO services may also be a factor, as digital marketing agencies in some cities in the US are considered better than the others.

Best Cities

Hiring a PPC agency in Denver is a good business move, as the city is the 4th best place for digital marketing job opportunities. The city’s economy has been on an upswing and it has one of the best unemployment rates nationwide. It’s not surprising that San Francisco landed on top of the list of best places.

You may wonder how a city’s job market affects digital marketing services. When employment opportunities abound, most companies will look for the brightest talents and this ensures that you only get outstanding service from the best.

Shall you use SEO, PPC, or both? Your choice will depend on your marketing needs, as well as your personal preferences and your budget.

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