Better Feeds, Better Deeds: The Link Between Horse Diet and Attitude

horse feed in TakaniniYou may not think of any similarity between humans and horses, but there is at least one. Both of their moods react to the food they eat.

Good Food, Good Mood

They both present a good mood if they eat the right food. The two species lose energy and get sick if they do not consume the nutrients they need.

A horse owner must be aware of how its diet affects overall mood and performance. According to, poor feeding will result in malnutrition, and malnutrition leads to sickness. Obviously, a sick horse cannot look good and function well.

Other than that, there are other ways horse diet affects its mood. The diet can make it functionally active and lively. In contrast, deficiency in nutrients and vitamins can result in either hyper-activeness or decreased activity. The wrong diet can stress a horse.

Same with people, different horses react differently to food. Some of us are allergic to shrimps, while others to pineapple. Several horses become hyperactive when fed with too much grain. Other horses merely gain weight continuously without any mood reaction to it.

Fat Can Be Good

It is important to observe your horse’s mood and attitude in response to its diet, as wrong diet can easily result in bad attitude.

Some owners overfeed their horses to make them look bigger and shinier. But, this a popular mistake. Overfeeding is equal to the production of excess energy, and not all horses have enough activities to use this energy. As a result, some horses burn off excess energy by exhibiting nervous behavior.

Horses can easily absorb and digest the starch in grain. This induces their hormones and glucose, causing hyper-activeness. You can lessen the grain intake of your horse to avoid this.

Instead of feeding them plenty of grain, balance the diet with fat or oil. Horses can look equally healthy by consuming high fat diet instead of grain. But, this should be balanced. Decrease the amount of grain as you increase the amount of fat.

Proper diet results in better looks and performance. The horse can achieve the right amount of energy without the unwanted hormonal reaction by giving the right feeds.

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