4 Top Signs You May Have Heart Failure

Man Experiencing Chest PainWhile heart failure doesn’t mean that your heart has failed, it is still a cause for concern because it gets worse over time. Fortunately, the early signs of this condition are easy to spot. If you notice these four symptoms, make arrangements to visit a cardiology expert in Delta as soon as possible.

1. Shortness of breath

This condition is also known as dyspnea and can occur during activity, at rest, or while sleeping. If it happens while you are asleep, you’ll often wake up feeling restless and anxious. What’s going on here is that your blood backs up in your pulmonary veins, causing fluid to leak into your lungs.

2. Swelling in certain body parts

If your legs, ankles or feet have suddenly become swollen, then it could be that you have heart failure. The swelling is caused by the buildup of fluid in your body tissues as a result of the slowing of blood flow out of the heart. The kidneys are unable to efficiently dispose of sodium and water in the body,  and these substances are, as such, retained in the tissues.

3. Fatigue

Have you been feeling tired all the time? If doing simple everyday activities such as climbing stairs, walking, shopping, and carrying groceries tires you out, that could be a sign that your heart has difficulty pumping enough blood to meet the needs of your body tissues. Your body is simply diverting blood from your limbs to the more vital organs, like your brain.

4. Impaired thinking

Feelings of disorientation and memory loss are also common symptoms of heart failure. People around you may not notice this in the beginning, but it will become clearer with time. This problem is caused by changing levels of such substances as sodium.

Heart failure should never be taken lightly. Once the early signs of this condition become apparent, seeing a qualified physician is the best course of action.

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